About Our Property Watch and Maintenance Company


Located in Panama City Beach, Florida, 30A Tru Blu Services LLC is here to serve as your eyes and ears when you’re not home. It’s not a question of if but rather a question of when an issue may arise in your absence. We’re here to ensure that your property is well managed at all times.


I have lived a richly varied life, I travelled around the world at a young age and have been to both China and Europe numerous of times and most of  North America.  Some my favorite spots are Napa and the coast of Oregon. I am a part owner of an online website for private wine collectors to sell their wine www.winestockl.com. I am also a technology enthusiast now following the emerging terahertz “closing the terahertz gap” www.magtera.com

I am experienced as a real-estate agent, but is also experienced as a broker. Beginning 2 decades ago with a Colliers International a national commercial real estate company I thrived in retail leasing and land assemblage for development, later selling home. My license is hanging with a fantastic real estate company here in 30A www.thebeachgroup.com. I love the 30A area and the people here https://www.discover30a.com/

Paul Willms,

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What We Do

Property Watch

Our service plans include a complete overview and a detailed breakdown of your property’s status in real-time. We take the steps necessary to keep your home or commercial property in its best condition, even if it means protecting it from harsh weather conditions like thunderstorms.


Lawn Care and Landscaping

30A Tru Blu Services LLC offers in-house lawn care and landscaping services. Through this, we make sure that your greeneries are professionally maintained even when you’re away.

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